Fashion Show Frenzy!

Happy Wednesday friends!

I hope you are having a good one! I am busy getting ready for another event this weekend! Whoo hoo! God is good! 

I previously did a post about getting ready for a fashion show that took place last Saturday. Well it is over yeeeeahhhh! Lol! It went well and I learned some things in the process about how things with fashion shows go. My models ROCK

Introducing my company...I was nervous!! lol

The silliness!!

The fashion show producer, Ty and I!

You KNOW there are many MORE PICTURES
(Had to make my hubby work! ;) lol)

I made some beautiful BIG and LONG earrings for the fashion show...some you have never seen from CIC!

Check them out HERE!

What are you up to this Wednesday??

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!


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