Wonderful Wednesday! It's getting better!

Happy Wonderful Wednesday everyone!

I am feeling a bit better today. Yay! Still eating the B.R.A.T diet though blah....(bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast). Well, no applesauce and crackers instead of toast for me. Lol. The babies are doing better too. God is good! :) I tried Subway yesterday...let's just say that wasn't a good idea. :-/

Added these cuties to the site today...finally!! Posting is a lot of work! 

You can find them at ChariT's Inspirational Creations

Quote I read today that I loved!

So many try to control their lives when if they would simply allow their greatness to flow through them, their struggles would be gone. -Kris Raphael

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!


  1. What cute new items you added in! I like!

  2. Great new items -- I love your bracelets. Listing new items is a lot of work isn't it.

  3. So sorry that you have been ill. Hopefully, every day will get better.


  4. Thanks Lizzi!

    Thank you Angels! Yes it is! It doesn't look like it is, but all the picture taking, writing descriptions, and tagging is work! lol

    Thank you MySavior each day gets better. :)



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