'I Will' Wednesday! Will you??

Hello beautiful and blessed people!

I hope you are doing well this Wonderful Wednesday! I am doing well and reflecting a little bit this afternoon. God has blessed me so much. I am a wife and mother of twins with my own business. Who knew!!? I think of what life would be like without my hubby, babies, or business and would hate to see the day. God has been SO good to me. I sometimes expect the worst in some situations and really need to pray and work on that. Joel Osteen said we need to BELIEVE BIG for God and that is something that I am going to start doing. Not just thinking, Lord let me pay this bill...but Lord let me get this house, let me book this show. 

Life is a constantly growing process and each day I learn more about life and learn to love myself and others more and more. I am going to stop letting fear guide my way. 

-I will cling more to God concerning life's difficulty.
-I will aim to be less anxious about things concerning my marriage, family, and business. 
(Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; -Phil 4:6)
-I will continue to pray during my creative process and concerning booking shows
-I will bless others with my life and testimony

What will you do today??

One thing I have committed to do is have visual reminders of my Christian walk and I ordered the great items below and just got them in! Love them!!

Giving this to a wonderful friend of mine! May it bless her!

Decal on my car....oh yeah!!

You can check them out at I Am A Woman of God!

Have a great one folks!!

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!


  1. Great post. I also have a hard time not worrying about everything. I know God is there for us though and cares about us, it definitely helps me get through my day. Lovely post!

    Best wishes,
    Kelley the Little Elf

  2. Great post! I understand. Sometimes I sit in wonder that God has blessed me with so much. It makes me so thankful. When times are hard, I try to look back at the last few years and how good could turn bad into good each time.

  3. great post! I too need to remember to take everything no matter how small to God and ask him to do something big!

  4. Thank you Chari! That would be something that I would have to teach myself - Dream Big.


  5. We all have so much to be thankful for.
    I enjoyed reading this.

  6. I will give it to God and stop worrying about the fact that I have not had a sale in almost a month!

    Here is my blog!


    Nice to meet u

  7. just found your blog. love love your hair! im following!

  8. Thanks LittleElf! Yes, He is always there!

    Thanks Jenny! Looking back at past blessings is definitely a great reminder!

    Crafty mommas yes God is capable of something Big even when we least expect it!

    Dream Big, My Savior, Dream Big! :)

    Thanks Angels!!

    You will get some sales sweetybird!

    Thanks Mrs. Pancakes!!

    Blessings everyone!


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