Happy 4th of July to you and a few sales too!

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a relaxing and wonderful 4th!! 
No one is shooting firecrackers here (feels weird) because of the dry weather.

My hubby made me stay home to work and I guess I should be glad since I just made 4 sales! Whoo hoo God is SO good!

Just relaxing a bit and about to get started on some more earrings in a few!

These are 2 pair of the beautiful earring I just sold!

I love them both! lol 
Posted them on facebook and someone bought them within 30 minutes!
Wow! I am so shocked and humbled that someone likes my jewelry that much. :)

What are you doing this holiday??

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!


  1. New follower from Blog it forward Tuesday hop. These are pretty. I have to check out the rest of your blog now but wanted to comment first. Congratulations on your twins. I am a twin myself. I know it's hard to think of twins as grown ups : ) I hope you will want to follow me back and when you stop by check out my kind of fashion (hair jewelry). Here's my blog url http://talesfrommyjournal.blogspot.com. I can also be found in facebook http://www.facebook.com/DeniseMartin.LillaRose and twitter @DeniseLillaRose If you like/follow me there I will do the same for you.

  2. Hi! Found you on Handmadeology! Stopping by to show you some linklove <3 & network with you! I am your newest blog follower!
    mine is: www.manoymetal.blogspot.com

    Have a wonderful day!


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