For The Sewing Lovers out there!

Hello everyone!!

I needed a quick and personalized gift for my fiancées mom who loves to sew and has needles everywhere so I figured, why not a pin cushion! But not just your regular tomato pin cushion. We all know about those! lol

Her favorite color is blue (I just found out lol) and she likes flowers so I wanted to incorporate the two! Well I came across so many pin cushions on Etsy but found a cute shop, HeyMiemie! She has such cute accessories and I couldn't decide on one! So I began to browse through her sold orders and saw this:

I thought ooo this is so cute but it would be great in blue! So I emailed her and asked if she would pleeeease take this out of retirement and make one for me...and guess what?! 
She did! Yay!

This is what I received in the mail yesterday!

So cute!
Thanks again HeyMiemie for making such a cute and unique Mother's Day gift that I am sure my future Mother in-law will love!!  :)

God bless!!

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!