Cheers to Healthy eating! A Momma in training!

For years now I have been vowing to eat better and healthier! Well it seems that since I had my babies that plan has really been put into action since I don't want my babies eating just anything! Lol. After all, I am cooking for them more rather than buying already prepared foods, which means better eating for me! Yay! :)

I was putting things together for the day for them and myself and decided to take a few pix! Yay me lol!

Sweet potato fries! They love them!

Carrots! Depends on the day...sometimes they like them sometimes they don't! lol

Spinach! This is for me...I love spinach! :)

And brown rice...

I am a lover of rice and just changed over from white rice to brown rice. It has taken a little getting used to but I like it! I REALLY want some jasmine rice though....YUM!!!

What healthy food have you been eating??

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!