Go green! Trees of Green!!

Hello beautiful people!

Sitting in my bed enjoying this quiet alone time and wishing I could get some more work done. lol. I have had a cold the last few days so I hadn't been able to make too much jewelry. Boo. :-/
Yesterday I started feeling a bit better and made a few pieces to add to my spring collection! I was listening to one of the travel shows while I was making my jewelry. It was quite relaxing lol.

I have been wanting to create a new green tree of life earring set and bracelet for a while...well today I finally had time to do it! lol Here's a peak!

My homeboy even said he likes the green! lol. I think this set is beautiful...may have to make some for myself...hmm. :)

Just added them to my site yay: CIC on etsy

Have a great weekend!

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!


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  2. These are gorgeous! I think they are beautiful in their simplicity. Very nice work.
    love from Canada, ;)


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