Calla Calla Calla lilies!!

Can you guess the content of this post??

I bet you can! Calla Lilies!! 
Not only do I love peacock feathers....but calla lilies as well!! :)

They are SO beautiful to me!!

I love, love, love these flowers and thanks to a custom request, I will be making some calla lily earrings soon!! Yay!! 

Oh yeah since I created this post, I had an added bonus happen! 
My fiancée made me mad, which we know they sometimes 
When I got back in town from a family trip guess what he had gotten me???

Some calla lilies!! Yay!! I think I love him! Lol!!

Quote for today: Nothing is more powerful than an idea who's time has come. ~ Victor Hugo

Have a great week everyone!!

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!


  1. Calla Lilies are truly some of the most beautiful flowers in creation!

  2. Yes momma they are! Thanks so much for stopping by!

    ~Stay blessed!


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