Valentine's Day is A Comin!

Hello everyone!

Been under the weather for a few days so I had to chill on the jewelry making. Feeling better now though thank God!

Had a friend of the family pass and have been a little sad about that. Then last night I went on a jewelry making frenzy lol. Guess I work well when I am sad. Weird. :-/ But I had previously prayed and asked God that the saddness not stop my creativity, so He blessed me and it didn't. :) Yay. God is good. He is a healer.

Made a few bracelets, here are a few:

I love them! The Blue butterfly bracelet sold within 30 minutes of me posting it! Man God is so good! Love it!

When I was feeling sad earlier today, this started playing on my Yahoo music station and I had to go to Youtube and find it!

This song really touched me. Especially now dealing with a loss. But God knows what He is doing, it is all in His plan.

On to other things! I finally finished my Valentine's Day video!
Let me know what you think! Share with your friends!!


"When you live and act from a perspective of peace, you live with strength, confidence, effectiveness, and richness." - Ralph Marston

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!


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