First Outside Craft Show!

Participated in my first outside craft show and BOY was it windy!! Some people's displays were broken, fell down, and others had to take down their tents!! A little picture of the wind for you:

My table without the wind! :)

A view of other vendors

The painting I usually use for my table flew off while I was setting up...
So you see where it ended up being! lol

Pretty house with Christmas lights across the street! :)

I was really discouraged at first because sales for me were....slow. But I got a few more near the end when everyone else left and were packing up so that made my day a bit better!
Handed out alot of business cards! Still glad I did it either way. But not so quick to jump and do another craft show...maybe I will have better luck next Now to take care of my cute sick babies! Much love!!

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!


  1. Wow, I give you stuck it out....I am so nervous about a craft fair...I was invited once but had a conflict that looking for another in my neighborhood but most fairs are during the summer here....too cold...and windy! I am still looking for my first sale.


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