2 Shows! What a day!

So I sold at my first craft show and also a debut on Saturday...Back to back! What a day! 
Little ones were with grandma and fiancé was at work so I had time to myself....but not really! Lol

Bought a table from Wal Mart...which is heavy may I add! Lol! Ran around looking for a tablecloth to fit my table and got one from Bed Bath and Beyond...was 30 min late!! GRRRRR!!!

I ended up being on the inside which I thought would be good...but it turns out outside is where I should have been! The vendors there got more traffic! I only made one sale....but I got some good contact information and met some wonderful vendors...so I count it as a blessing! :)

A few pix of my table!

One of the vendors is a twin so we had a nice convo about her and her sister and my twin babies! :) I really had a great time!

So I left there and looked for the debut spot...got lost and realized I didn't have the host's number!! GRRRR again!! Lol! So I am praying for patience and peace...as I drive around for about an hour!! Smh.

I meet this guy at the gas station who drives me around but he can't find the place either and then thank God we see a cop!! Whooo hooo! Don't think I have ever liked a cop more than I did at this moment! Lol. Turns out we were right by the place!!! Smh lol.
So I get there extra late...set up and enjoy a wonderful inspiring program for the Debut of The Inspired Woman! Check them out at http://inspiredwomanwomenscenter.org/! :)

I made great contacts and sold a bit more at this event which was a plus. Can't wait for the next one!

My table at the debut! :) Yay me! God is good!

Take care everyone!!

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!


  1. Well at least the day wasn't a bust!! I'm following you now!

    Annette at So Many Memories

  2. Thanks! It was all in all a blessing!

    About to check you out!!

    Stay blessed! :)


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